Movie Turtle Suits (Part 1)

05 August, 2015

Our movie turtle suits have been in production for a little over two years now. The owner of the Prop Shop, Casey Carty, is a big fan of the turtles and these suits prove how dedicated he is to the series. The costume that is featured on Youtube ( was the first prototype and took Casey four months to complete from start to finish. He spent countless hours researching how to recreate these incredible suits and the result was the most movie accurate and best quality turtle suit out there second only to the originals. Since the prototype, the design of the suit has changed slightly because they have to be sized to accommodate different body types. The overall direction of these changes has been to make the suits more adjustable, durable, lighter, and all around better looking. Pieces such as the knee and elbow pads have been reworked to fit and move better because they are such crucial components. They act as the joints on the suit and over time we found that using lighter materials for the band that connects to the leg and pant works far better than more rigid leather materials. The actual pad part is made out of a leather-like material but the band is made out of canvas.

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